What Is Lingo Press All About?

Basically, Lingo Press Books is a website dedicated to language learning. We started off as a small publishing company that wrote graded readers for language learners and have expanded since then to be an enormous online language learning resource. We have a powerful team of writers that spend hours researching the best language learning articles to put out on a regular basis. We’re constantly growing and it’s exciting to watch our readership grow with us!

Lingo Press wouldn’t be what it was without our dedicated readers and engaging community and for that we are thankful and hope to put out more content that could prove useful to you. And remember we also listen to recommendations and requests. Which means if there’s ever anything you would like us to write about just send us a message or pop it in the comments section below and we’ll do our best to get to it and to give you the answer or article that you need.

You can break what we do down into five major categories

  • Write an publish graded readers
  • Recommend textbooks for language learners
  • Find free language resources for our readers
  • Share tips and tricks for language learning

Recommending Language Textbooks

One of the things we do is recommend textbooks for language learners

We Recommend Textbooks For Language Exams

Not only do we recommend general textbooks to help you learn a language but we also research and recommend the best textbooks for specific language exams. We know that language exams play an important part in learning a language and how important it is to prepare sufficiently for those exams.

With that in mind we spend a great deal of time researching the best textbooks for each exam to give you the greatest chance of success.

We Recommend Graded Readers

For those of you who have been following Lingo Press Books for a while, you’ll know that graded readers are one of the main things that we spend out time producing. We love fiction and we love languages and we believe that books written to your level can make a huge difference to your language learning, especially if you’re having fun while you learn.

We Find Free Language Resources

And then of course, there’s our general tips and tricks. Not all resources to do with language learning cost money. There are hundreds of amazing resources online that you can use to improve your language skills and it’s our job to hunt them down.

Other Language Articles You May Be Interested In

Here are some other great language learning articles we have that you may want to check out. These are some of the best language learning resources currently available.