why learn italian

Why learn Italian

Why learn Italian


Learning any language is always a good idea, and one as beautiful and rich as Italian makes lots of sense to us. But if you’re not completely sure yet, let us try and convince you why you should learn Italian as your next foreign language.

Travelling in Italy

Italy is an absolutely beautiful country, with some of the best food in the world, some of the most interesting history in the world and incredibly scenery. If Italy wasn’t on your list of countries to visit I would be incredibly surprised and urge you to reconsider.

The level of English isn’t that high in Italy either once you’re out of the cities, or away from young people. And even though you could probably get around Italy without being able to speak Italian, you would really be missing out. Being able to speak Italian allows you to talk to local people, visit smaller more intimate restaurants, go to small towns where English isn’t that common and see an italy that normal tourists don’t get to see.

Also because not many non native speakers actually know Italian, when you open your mouth and speak Italian in Italy, you know you’re going to get an amazing reaction from the locals, which will mean a warmer reception and probably more interesting experiences.

And Italian isn’t just an official language in Italy, it’s also the official language of San Marino, Vatican City, Switzerland. Which yes may not be as many countries as say French or Spanish but it still opens up parts of Europe to you and allows you to communicate in other countries.

Food and wine

Learn Italian just for the food. Italy has some of the most delicious cuisine in the entire world. You’re always going to be able to eat Italian food no matter what country you live in, so you may as well learn some Italian in order to get the tastiest food on the menu.

Also because you will have already spent time eating in Italian restaurants, you probably already know quite a bit of Italian to get you started off, so it’s not like you’re starting from scratch. Even if you can’t make sentences and don’t know that many words, the phonemes at least will be familiar to you.

Gateway romantic language

Italian is the closest that we have to the old latin that was once spoken. Once you’ve learned Italian, it’ll be much easier to go on and to learn other romantic languages as well.

Of course you could say this about any of the romantic languages, as once you’ve learned one you begin to understand the structures and how conjugation works, but what better way to start your romantic language learning journey than by choosing the romantic language closest to the original latin.

Improve your career prospects


Learning any foreign language is always useful for your career prospects even if you don’t end up using that language in your job. It shows intelligence and commitment to seeing something through, whilst also making you appear more interesting to potential employers. It also shows them your ability to learn a foreign language, so if you’ve learnt one, you’ll probably be able to learn another.

Also Italian isn’t all that popular to learn anymore among younger people. If people are learning a romantic language, it’s becoming more popular to choose French or Spanish, so by learning Italian you could be making yourself stand out from the crowd.

Italy has the 9th highest GDP in the world, which means it could be a useful language to learn as more companies will need people to trade with Italy and there could be more job prospects for you if you choose to move to Italy and work.

Make yourself a more interesting person

Each day the vast majority of people go through the motions of their life and don’t really work towards much that isn’t career or family based.

It’s always important to have pursuits outside of just your work and you should always be looking at how you can improve yourself as a person.

Learning Italian is a fantastic way to give yourself a project or goal to work towards. Once you’ve achieved it, it’ll also make you a lot more interesting and stand out, because let’s face it, the vast majority of native English speakers can’t speak a second language.

Being able to say “I speak Italian” is always going to be a talking point.

Reasons not to learn Italian

We’ve added this section here just so you can see some of the downsides of learning Italian. We believe it’s important to understand what you’re getting yourself into but we don’t think this should put you off. It’s just useful to know the pros and cons when you’re choosing a new language.

  • Italian is only the 23rd most spoken language in the world, which means you have 22 other languages before it that could be considered as more useful and would allow you to reach a greater number of people
  • Not that many countries actually speak Italian. Although there are a few we mentioned earlier, the reach is still quite low and you’re really looking at just Europe. Whereas a language like Spanish opens up the Americas to you, and French opens up much of Africa.

Of course, you need to remember what your reasons are. If you don’t care about the number of countries you’ll be able to visit or how many people you can talk to (as for some people this really isn’t relevant) then still pick Italian because there are any more reasons why you should learn it than why you shouldn’t.


Final thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed our reasons why you should learn Italian. If you have any reasons that you think we’ve missed off then please add them in the comments below.

Similarly if you’ve had any experience learning Italian or even if you decided that Italian just isn’t the language for you then please let us know. We love to hear your view point and we are always interested in hearing a different way of looking at things.

And remember, although we’ve given some reasons why you might not want to consider Italian this is just to give you the bigger picture. We obviously think that learning Italian is a fantastic idea and that you should definitely consider it as your next foreign language to learn.

Now that we’ve convinced you to learn Italian, check out our best Italian graded reader recommendations or take a peek at our favourite Italian textbooks.