spanish graded reader

Spanish A1 Graded Reader Collection

Spanish A1 Graded Reader Collection

Stories in this collection:

  • ¿Dónde Está Maurice?
  • La Otra Mujer
  • El Albañil y el Ladrón
  • El Hombre Del Tiempo
  • ¿Quién es mi Padre?

Improve your Spanish with this A1 Graded Reader Collection. The five short stories have been written for you to dip in and out of so you can practise Spanish at your leisure. Each story contains the grammar and vocabulary graded to an A1 level.




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Ana is the first author to publish under Lingo Press with her collection of Spanish graded readers. Ana’s goal is to write Spanish language books that are fun and engaging whilst still being accessible for the level you’re currently at. The Spanish A1 Graded Reader Collection was the first book that Ana released. She is currently working on her A2 and B1 series of Spanish graded readers.

Ana Martin profile overview

Ana uses the CEFR framework to grade her books rather than just using the common beginner, intermediate and advanced grading. They are broken down into language level grades (A1 to C2), and some books are slightly more difficult than others while still staying within the same grade boundary. This is because Ana believes that there can be great differences between beginner learners and equally great differences between intermediate languages. It takes a long time to learn a language and some people need more help than others. Therefore by using this graded method, Ana hopes that her Spanish books are more accessible for learners of different levels.


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