best spanish translation websites

Best Spanish Translation Websites

Best Spanish Translation Websites

best spanish translation websites

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Gone are the days when online translation services were laughable. As the technology improves, the translation websites get stronger and stronger. Now we can translate the majority of things, and unless it includes technical language, we know we’re going to have quite an accurate result.

No matter if you’re learning Spanish, going to Spain on holiday or you need something translating for work, Spanish translation websites can be incredibly useful.

So here are our top recommendations of the best Spanish translation websites.

Best Spanish translation websites



In first place is the Spanish translation website Linguee. If you want to learn any word in Spanish, you can type it into Linguee and the database pulls up lots of examples so you don’t just get to see the translation but also some examples of uses to make it even more clear. As sometimes literal translations can be mistaken.

Not only is Linguee a great website but it’s also an app. If you haven’t already, make sure you download the Linguee app to your phone for quick Spanish translations on the go.

Other features of Linguee

It doesn’t just translate into Spanish but it also has translation services for:

  • Chinese
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Japanese



Wordreference is one of our favourite Spanish translation websites and it is something that we would recommend to any Spanish learner or anyone in need of a translation. It is definitely one of the highest quality translation services available. It not only provides you with the translation you’re looking for, but also gives examples and synonyms to help you understand the word better.

Not only is wordreference a top Spanish to English translation site, but it also has other great features:

  • A forum
  • A dictionary
  • It conjugates verbs
  • And it supports other languages! So if you want to use it to translate to other languages you can do that as well

Google Translate

google translate

There was a time when Google Translate wasn’t taken seriously as a translation service, and it would translate every word literally rather than taking the sentence into account meaning conjugation was a nightmare. Those days are long gone. Google have invested a lot into their translation service to the point where Google Translate can pick up when to use the subjunctive. Granted it still has a long way to go and still makes some uncomfortable mistakes such as ‘estoy constipado’ translates to ‘I’m constipated,’ but it’s definitely heading in the right direction.

If you want to translate a simple sentence then I would recommend using google translate, but if you want to translate anything more complicated or colloquial, I would still recommend using a different translation service.

However at the rate that google improves and learns, I’m sure I’ll be back to change this article in no time. We can all look forward to watching Google’s translation technology develop.

Best Spanish Dictionary Sites

Spanish Dict


SpanishDict is a really useful dictionary for translating words but it’s not so great at translating sentences. Therefore if you’re going to be translating big chunks of text we would recommend a different website, but if you need a handy dictionary to translate words or look for verb conjugations then we would highly recommend SpanishDict.

Also if you’re not very confident in your Spanish the translations are given in English to help you understand better.

It’s a very popular app due to it’s ease of use and attractive interface. It’s a definite must as part of your Spanish learning journey.

Other features:

  • Verb conjugation; SpanishDict has an enormous database of Spanish verbs and their conjugations. You can pretty much choose any verb in the world and check out it’s conjugations. If you’re learning Spanish and need something for a quick reference then this is really useful.
  • Quizzes! SpanishDict has quizzes to help you go over tricky Spanish grammar. It’s a great way to reinforce your knowledge and it’s fun.

Diccionario de la Lengua

This dictionary is great for more advanced learners as all of the words are in Spanish. So you’re not just getting an English translation, rather you’re practising your Spanish skills as you learn the language. If you are going on to study Spanish to a more advanced level we could not recommend this more.

We use this app to check out more advanced vocabulary and it always gives us detailed definitions with examples for every possible meaning of the word.

The only downside is on the app, the advertisements can take up half the page which makes the page less user friendly.

Tips for best translation success

  • Try too avoid phrases and words that are very colloquial. It’s more possible that the translation app won’t have come across them before and will give you a wrong translation. Instead, search for those phrases directly and see if there is a Spanish equivalent. Or you can ask on forums to find out if anyone else knows.
  • Check with more than one translation platform. As the technology is still improving there are still chances for mistakes. Therefore it’s better to cross compare with a few different translation websites to make sure they’re reporting the same thing.
  • Keep it simple. When you’re typing something into an online Spanish translator try and keep it simple. The bigger the text the greater chances for mistakes. Start off by translating small, clear sentences and go from there.

Do you use any of these Spanish translation websites? Do you have any others that you would recommend? Which do you think is the best and why? Let us know in the comments below, as you know we always like to hear from our readers, especially if you think it can help other language learners.

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