Where Can I Buy Spanish Children’s books?

where can i buy spanish children's books

Spanish children’s books are becomingly increasingly popular in the English speaking world as more and more parents want their children to learn Spanish, but if you visit your local bookstore you’ll find that there’s not always that much to choose from, if any. Because of that lots of parents are asking ‘where can I buy Spanish children’s books?

Unfortunately you may not be able to find many Spanish children’s books in your town or city but you should be able to find lots of them online!

Here are some of the many places you can find children’s books in Spanish:

Amazon – of course Amazon has a fantastic supply of Spanish children’s books for your child to read because Amazon has everything. You can also find cheaper options if you don’t mind buying books second hand.

Stock up on holiday! – when you go on holiday to Spain or Latin America make sure you visit the bookshops and try and stock up. They’ll have the best selections because the books are in their native language. Then bring them back and you’ll have a whole collection. If you have friends who want to teach their children Spanish try and arrange for them to buy different ones and you can organise a swap

European Bookshop – There is a great website called the European bookshop where you can find lots of Spanish children’s books. They have a great collection of books and books in other European languages too, not only for enjoyment but also ones aimed at language learning.

The Spanish Experiment – This website has loads of fun FREE Spanish stories and lessons for children. It’s a really great resource to help your children to learn Spanish without having to invest in classes or find people to practise with in your area, and best of all: it’s FREE.

Local Spanish centres – In the UK and the USA there are more and more Spanish centres popping up to help children learn a foreign language. This is great in itself but another huge advantage is that you can use these centres as a way to gather resources. You can see if the teachers there have a library system with any of their books. Or you can find like minded parents who share your passion for teaching your children Spanish and will organise a book swapping service so you don’t have to buy too many Spanish books for children.

Spanish novels – the website Spanish novels has some great books you can buy to learn Spanish and the best thing is that they’re super cheap! The novels are also graded for level rather than for age. Which means if your six year old speaks very advanced Spanish you can find a book that meets his needs.

There are lots of books available online and you find our recommendation of the best Spanish children’s books here. We have a list of recommended books broken down into which ones are most suitable for different ages.

Now you have the book, the next question you need to ask yourself is ‘how to improve my child’s reading in Spanish?

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