Improve your Spanish Listening With Videos

Spanish Listening Videos

Listening can be one of the trickier skills to practise when learning a foreign language, but don’t worry it just takes time. Every single person learning a foreign language has at some point found the listening aspect a bit too difficult. That’s where we come in. Underneath we’ve compiled a selection of Spanish Listening Videos for beginner, intermediate and advanced Spanish learners.

We hope you enjoy them!

How to Listen to Spanish Videos

Before you start listening to the Spanish videos below, it’s important that you know how to listen. A lot of people make the mistake of listening to videos that are too hard for them, when they can’t understand what’s going on and somehow hope they’ll learn just through exposure. This just isn’t going to happen.

Here are the things you need to do to optimise your learning through listening.

Listen to things at your level

If you’re just starting out don’t listen to advanced videos. It may be tempting but it’s not going to help you at all.

If something is too difficult for you, you won’t listen and you’ll find you actually shut off. And although this won’t necessarily harm your Spanish it will waste your time when you could be practising other skills which are more suited to your level.

Read along!

If you’re struggling to hear what you’re listening to, a great way to get used to the new language is to read along as you listen. This way you can familiarise yourself with the sounds of the words. The more you do this, the easier and easier it’ll be for you to listen to things in Spanish and to be able to hear what’s being said.

Find topics that are interesting to you

Obviously you want to listen to a range of material to expose yourself to more complex language, but a good way to improve your skills and make sure you concentrate for the entire video is to find material that is interesting to you.

If you have no interest in what the person is talking about then you’re going to have a difficult time following the video for any length of time. It could be a good idea to find a video that you would listen to in English anyway but listen to it in Spanish instead.


Don’t be afraid to rewatch. You’re not going to get everything first time round, but you might find it you watch a video twice or three times you pick up more and more.

You could even watch the video for the first time with subtitles and then watch it again without. This is a great way to improve your listening skills as you’ve already heard the material once and you know what to be listening out for second time around.

You don’t need to understand everything

If you can’t understand everything being said then don’t worry, you’re not supposed to. When you first listening to audio in different languages there’s no way you’re going to be able to understand everything first time around at once. And that is completely normal.

What you want to be doing in these instances is listening for gist and understanding rather than listening to understand every single word. Then as your level increases you’ll find that you can understand more and more.

Beginner Spanish Listening Videos

These are the Spanish videos that we have selected as appropriate for beginner Spanish learners to increase their listening skills. Now you’re just starting off and some of the videos may be difficult to understand but don’t worry, no one expects you to understand every single word. Instead you should use this as a chance to familiarise yourself with listening to Spanish audio.

If you are a beginner Spanish learner then make sure you check out this article on the top tips for Spanish beginners.

Intermediate Spanish Listening Videos

Now we have the intermediate Spanish videos, which have been selected for learners at a B1 and B2 level in Spanish.

If you’ve managed to get past the beginner level of Spanish, the intermediate level is where a lot of learners become stuck and find it hard to move out of. Make sure you don’t get lost in the intermediate plateau by listening to these Intermediate Spanish Listening Videos.


Advanced Spanish Listening Videos

If you’ve managed to reach advanced Spanish then congratulations! You’ve clearly worked hard to get to this level, you just need to keep going. These videos are appropriate for C1 and C2 learners, and for that the subject matter is also a bit more specialised compared to earlier videos, since at these levels the vocabulary and grammar that you need to learn is much more advanced.

Spanish Learning Channels in Spanish

Why not Spanish

Why not Spanish is a fantastic Spanish language channel with an incredible host. The best thing about Why Not Spanish is that she includes lots of Spanish intermediate listening activities that have been graded to a perfect intermediate level.

All things Spanish

All things Spanish is a Spanish youtube channel that teaches intermediate Spanish spoken all in Spanish! Check out an example video below.

Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve found these videos for beginner, intermediate and advanced Spanish learners useful. Listening is normally one of the more difficult skills that people encounter when learning a new language and it’s the one that can make the biggest difference to how comfortable you feel in a language.

There’s no short cut or easy answer to improving your listening skills, the only thing you can do is to keep trying. It’s going to take you a while but if you continue to watch appropriate listening material to your level and to have conversations in Spanish then you’ll notice your listening level start to improve in no time at all.

If you’re interested in improving your listening skills then check out our handy article here on how to improve your listening skills in different languages. The tips can be applied to any language and can make a big difference to your ability.

Or why not take a look at some of the best Spanish apps currently available to help you learn Spanish.

What do you normally do to improve your Spanish listening skills? Do you have any podcasts you like to listen to? Or do you prefer to watch series and movies? Let us know in the comments below. We’re always interested in hearing about your experiences, especially if you think it’ll be able to help other readers.

Good luck and keep on listening.

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