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best russian textbooks

Best Russian Textbooks

Looking to find the best Russian textbooks to help boost your Russian and take it to the next level? Or do you simply need a textbook to supplement your learning? No matter what your answer we’re sure we have the right textbook for you.

We have researched the current Russian textbooks available on the market and have compiled a list of the best Russian textbooks to help you study in 2019.

Learning a language can be difficult no matter what the language, but when you’re trying to master Russian with it’s different alphabet and intense grammar rules, you’re probably going to want a textbook to help you study.

Of course, a textbook alone won’t help you learn Russian. To fully learn a language you need exposure to it and you need to speak it. Our textbook recommendations are tools to help you learn but if you want to see improvements in your Russian then you’re going to have to study in other ways too.

So let’s take a look at our list of the best Russian textbooks:

  1. Living Language Russian, Complete Edition: Beginner through advanced cours

  2. Get Started in Russian Absolute Beginner Course

  3. The New Penguin Russian Course

  4. Panorama: Intermediate Russian Language and Culture, Student Bundle

  5. Russian As a Foreign Language. Advanced Course 1

  6. Ultimate Russian Advanced 1st Edition

  7. Intermediate Russian – A Grammar And Workbook

  8. Modern Russian: An Advanced Grammar Course

  9. Russian Through Art For Intermediate To Advanced Students

These are our recommendations but keep reading to find out why these are the best Russian textbooks and which one is the right one for you.

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Our Top Pick!

After researching the different Russian textbooks available we have come to a decision on our top pick to get you started.

If you’re an advanced learner then this book may not be for you and you might want to skip down our list. But if you’re a beginner or intermediate learner then we think this textbook could help you.

Living Language Russian, Complete Edition: Beginner through advanced course, including 3 coursebooks, 9 audio CDs, and free online learning

best russian textbook for beginners

3 books
46 lessons
9 CDs
Online learning for free

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Average Price: $40.48

If you’re just getting started or even if you’re an intermediate learner then the Living Language Complete Russian Coursebook could be for you.

Living Language aims to help you start speaking Russian as soon as possible by providing you with the building blocks and methods you need to learn.

With handy exercises to help you practise and retain what you’ve learnt and proven methods from linguistic sciences, this textbook will give you the confidence to start speaking and formulating your own sentences as soon as possible.

Best Russian Textbooks For Beginners

If you’re a beginner then you’re going to want to find a clear concise book to get you started. It’s important that the textbook you choose contains clear explanations and lots of examples and practise exercises.

There are the best beginner Russian textbooks that we would recommend to you.

Get Started in Russian Absolute Beginner Course: The essential introduction to reading, writing, speaking and understanding a new language (Teach Yourself)

russian beginner textbook

10 units of learning topics
Discovery method so you find out things for yourself
Opportunities to track your progress
Native speaker audio

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Average Price: $29.26

The Get Started In Russian Beginner’s course is the perfect textbook for students who are self motivators and who like to learn for themselves rather than be taught.

The textbook prides itself for using the discovery method meaning that as the learner you are given the opportunity to figure out rules for yourself.

When you learn through the discovery method you’re more likely to remember what you’ve learned as the process of learning itself helps your brain to commit new things to memory.

And just to make sure you have understood correctly there are activities throughout the book to check your understanding.

The New Penguin Russian Course: A Complete Course for Beginners (Penguin Handbooks)

russian coursebook for beginners

Vocabulary of 1500 words
Thirty lessons
Revision exercises

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Average Price: $16.80

This textbook is designed to give students a competent level of Russian by the time they have finished which would be the equivalent to an A-level in the UK which is the highest qualification you can obtain before university.

The main features of the book encourage the learner to learn useful grammar, have exposure to natural conversations and to acquire the necessary vocabulary to start talking.

It’s a great way for a beginner to start their Russian learning journey and to see some real results by the time you’ve finished the textbook.

Best Russian Textbooks For Intermediates

Panorama: Intermediate Russian Language and Culture, Student Bundle: Book + Electronic Workbook Access Card

russian textbook for intermediate

Real life media helped to give a more natural exposure to Russian
Bite sized lessons help you fit learning into your schedule
Most grammar taken from the Russian National Corpus

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Average Price: $95.42

The Panorama Intermediate Russian textbook can be completed within a semester or stretched to fill out a year depending on your learning needs.

Each lesson has been organised in a bitesized chunks so you can break up your study time with ease.

By the time you have finished the Panorama textbook you should have mastered intermediate Russian and be on your way to advanced.

Best Russian Textbooks For Advanced Learners

Russian As a Foreign Language. Advanced Course 1. Russkij Jazik Kak Inostrannij. Prodvinutij Kurs 1 (Previous Title: Shkolnikam Srednikh Klassov) (Russian As a Foreign Language, 3)

best advanced russian textbook

Aims to make speech more varied and expressive
Russian taken from works of fiction

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Average Price: $31.51

This advanced textbook is recommended for school children rather than a stand alone textbook for adults.

The textbook is intended to supplement children’s current learning and to span one and half to two years of study.

Although this may not be for you if you have a child in the family who is learning Russian then this could be the perfect book to help them learn.

Ultimate Russian Advanced 1st Edition – Living Language

ultimate advanced russian textbook

20 lessons
400+ pages
Current dialogues
Cultural information

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Average Price: $153.40

The Ultimate Russian Advanced is the perfect textbook to take your Russian through to the next level. You can use it to further the gap between intermediate Russian and you now.

Study with this textbook to take you across the difficult area of advanced Russian to becoming proficient.

Perfect for students of Russian, people wanting to live in a Russian speaking country and business people, with extra vocabulary and information on business etiquette within Russia.

Best Russian Grammar Textbooks

Intermediate Russian – A Grammar And Workbook – John Murray & Sarah Smyth

intermediate russian grammar textbook

Clear grammar explanations
Exercises and exercise key
Detailed index

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Average Price: $37.71

Intermediate Russian Grammar Workbook is the perfect textbook to help you nail your Russian grammar at an intermediate level.

Russian grammar is significantly more difficult than other languages and therefore it can be hugely beneficial to invest in a textbook that specialises in grammar.

This grammar book uses texts from Russian sources to not only teach the grammar points but to give the learner an insight into Russian society and culture.

Modern Russian: An Advanced Grammar Course – Derek Oxford

advanced russian grammar textbook

Contains 64 lessons
Detailed index of Russian words and morphemes

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Average Price: $31.92

If you have mastered the grammar of beginner and intermediate students and you’re ready to move onto the next level then the Modern Grammar Advanced textbook could be the resource for you.

Begin to fine tune your Russian language skills by studying advanced Russian grammar in depth and watch your Russian flourish.

This textbook is a bit heavier than some of the others available so we would definitely recommend it to a self motivator and someone who enjoys studying alone and can handle more difficult materials.

A Special Mention

Russian Through Art For Intermediate To Advanced Students – Anna S. Kudyma & Olga E. Kagan

Online accompanying lectures
Online complementing video clips

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Average Price: $47.58

A fantastic supplement to your Russian learning would be Russian Through Art For Intermediate And Advanced Students.

The book is broken down into six themed chapter, each of which is accompanied by online lectures, video clips an assignments that you can adapt to suit your learning.

This is the perfect accompaniment to your Russian learning and should help you fine tune your vocabulary and abilities to express yourself.

It’s perfect for intermediate and advanced students.

russian textbook

Get The Most Out Of Your Russian Textbook

Once you’ve chosen a textbook you need to know how to get the most out of your Russian learning. So here are some tips and tricks that should be able to help you out.

Learn The Cyrillic Alphabet

Before you even get started studying through Russian grammar and working your way through a Russian textbook, we would highly recommend that you take the time to learn the Cyrillic alphabet. It might look a bit daunting because it’s different from the roman alphabet but the Cyrillic alphabet doesn’t actually take that long to learn. If you spent a day concentrating on only that then you could probably have it down (although you’d need a bit of practise) and you’d be ready to start on your Russian textbook

Study Your Russian Textbook Every Day

And by this we don’t mean you have to sit down and do an hour a day, we understand that’s not always practical. However, if you sit down and do at least five minutes of Russian studying per day you’ll be able to keep up a momentum that really improves your Russian quickly.

Pick One Russian Textbook And Stick To It

It can be incredibly tempting to buy lots of textbooks and study them all but you’re less likely to have success if you study this way. The best way to optimise your studying is to buy one Russian textbook and work your way through it before purchasing a second one. It’s also less for you to carry around if you only have one Russian book rather than several.

Complete The Exercises In Your Russian Textbook

If you buy a Russian textbook that comes with exercises make sure you complete them. It’s not enough to just read the material in your textbook. If you want to improve your Russian then you’re going to need to complete the exercises as well. That way you’ll commit the material to memory and you’ll be able to check your progress as you go.

We hope you’ve found this list of best Russian textbooks useful. Be sure to check out our article on useful online resources to learn Russian.

Let us know which stage of Russian learning you’re at and how you prefer to learn. Are you more of a textbook learner or do you prefer to go out there and start talking?

And which Russian textbook did you choose? Did you find one that suited your needs? Make sure you tell us in the comments below.

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