Best Textbooks For TOPIK! Ace The Korean Exam!

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Looking to ace the TOPIK exam and you want to find the best textbooks for it?

The TOPIK exam is the official Korean language exam and stands for Test of Proficiency in Korean.

For those of you who have been studying Korean and are looking to take the exam then you probably already know that it is something you have to study very hard for.

Taking the TOPIK exam can be incredibly useful if you want to work or study in Korea or for future employment opportunities. With that in mind it’s not only useful to pass your exam but to receive high grades as well.

Here are our recommendations of the best textbooks for the TOPIK exam.

Best Textbooks For The TOPIK Exam

We’ve split our recommendations into TOPIK 1 and TOPIK 2 so you should be able to find the right textbook for you.

Make sure you start preparing well in advance so you’re ready to take the TOPIK exam. The worst thing to do is to leave studying until the last minute.

So instead, purchase one of these textbooks with two months to go until your exam and start working your way through them.

These are our top recommendations on textbooks to prepare you for the TOPIK exam.


This is our selection for the best test preparation for the TOPIK 1.

TOPIK textbook

TOPIK 1 textbook with CD

This is our number one recommended TOPIK textbook to help you prepare for TOPIK 1.

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If you’re taking the TOPIK 2 then we would recommend this textbook to help you prepare.

best TOPIK textbooks

TOPIK 2 textbook with CD

We believe that the TOPIK 2 textbook is the best textbook you will need to help you prepare for the TOPIK exam.

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TOPIK 2 textbook for writing section

The writing section of the exam is just as important as the other sections as the exam so make sure you practise that section as much as you’re practising speaking, listening and reading.

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Complete Guide To The TOPIK Exam

Make sure you know what to expect when the exam comes around by reading the Complete Guide To The TOPIK.

That way you’ll know what to expect and hopefully pick up some tips along the way.

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Other Korean Textbook Recommendations

Although these ones didn’t make the cut of the best textbooks to prepare you for the TOPIK exam, we think that they will benefit you greatly with learning Korean.

Talk To Me In Korean – Level 1

Average Price: $19

Based on the famous podcast Talk To Me In Korean, this textbook is a paper back book that follows those lessons from the podcast.

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Talk To Me In Korean – Level 2

Average Price:

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Common Questions About TOPIK

If you’re already buying a TOPIK textbook then you are probably aware of the structure of the exam.

But if you’re unsure of anything or you want to clear up some confusions then here are some common questions about the TOPIK exam.

How many levels are there in the TOPIK?

The TOPIK test has two levels: TOPIK 1 and TOPIK 2.

TOPIK 1 consists of levels 1 and 2 and is suitable for a beginner level.

TOPIK 2 consisted of levels 3 – 4 and is a combined intermediate and advanced test.

What does the TOPIK exam test for?

TOPIK 1 tests reading and listening.

TOPIK 2 tests reading, listening and writing.

Are there any special criteria for signing up for the exam?

No, anyone who is studying Korean can sign up for any exam regardless of previous qualifications and where they have been studying.

How long is the TOPIK test valid for?

The TOPIK test is valid for two years after you’ve passed.

We hope you’ve found our TOPIK textbook recommendations useful. If you’re about to take the text or if you just have then please tell us all about your experience in the comments below.

If you want to learn more about the TOPIK exam then check out a more detailed list of some of the most commonly asked questions about the TOPIK here.

Or if you’re thinking about taking it but not sure why not read our article on why take the TOPIK exam and see how taking the exam could not only improve your Korean but how it could also benefit your life.

Also make sure you take a look at our recommendations of best websites to learn Korean.

Good luck!

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