Best Italian Graded Readers – For Beginners and Intermediates!

best italian graded readers

If you’re learning Italian and you want to improve your comprehension skills then you have to read our list of the best italian graded readers.

Graded readers are a great way to get you started off reading in a language.

Sometimes books that have been translated into Italian, or books that are written for Italian adults are just too difficult. And if a book is too difficult you’re a lot more likely to stop trying, not take it in or just find it too difficult. A lot of people then resort to reading children’s books, which although can be useful, don’t normally have the most interesting stories.

A graded reader is a happy middle ground and Italian graded readers are no different.

If you’re learning an Italian but you’re only at a beginner level than choosing an Italian graded reader can help your comprehension skills enormously. That’s because the story has been written specifically for your level so you can understand while learning but it’s also been written with an older learner in mind, so the stories are usually more interesting with a greater plot.

Best Italian Graded Readers

These are the books that we think will be most useful to help you learn Italian. We have separated our recommendations into best Italian books for beginners and the best Italian books for intermediates. So let’s take a look at which Italian books made the cut.

  1. Short Stories In Italian – Olly Richards
  2. Italian Short Stories For Beginners Volume 2 – Olly Richards
  3. Italian Short Stories For Beginners – Lingo Mastery
  4. Italian Short Stories For Intermediate Learners – Olly Richards
  5. Intermediate Italian Short Stories – Lingo Mastery

Now you’ve seen which Italian learning books have made the list, keep reading to find out which is the perfect one for you.

Italian Books For Beginners

Italian graded readers for beginners should include simple grammar structures and the most commonly used words so help beginners to build their confidence in Italian.

A lot of beginners think they need to wait until their Italian is better to start reading but with Italian graded readers this isn’t the case. These are our best Italian graded readers for beginner learners.

Short Stories In Italian – Olly Richards

short stories in italian for beginners

Olly’s Short stories in Italian for beginners contains eight different short stories across a range of genres so there’s something for everyone.

The stories are fun and engaging and are perfect for Italian learners with a beginner’s understanding of the language. And the thing that makes Olly’s books so popular is that he tries to include natural dialogues so the conversations you read mimic what you might here when you’re in Italy.

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Italian Short Stories For Beginners Volume 2 – Olly Richards

short italian stories for beginners

As Olly’s first collection of short stories in Italian for beginners were so popular, he decided to launch a second collection. His second collection of Italian short stories for beginners also eight fun stories for Italian learners.

Another great feature of Olly’s books is that after each story include a bilingual word list so if you’re not sure on any of the new words you’ve learnt you can check them out in the word list after or during the story you’re reading.

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Italian Short Stories For Beginners – Lingo Mastery

italian graded readers for beginners

Lingo Mastery’s Italian Short Stories For Beginners includes 20 captivating stories written for Italian learners at a beginner’s level. And each story has been written to include a useful lesson for different grammar points: adjectives, verbs, etc.

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Italian Book For Intermediates

Intermediate learners are getting to an exciting point in their Italian learning journey. They are beginning to understand more and more and can deal with more complex grammar structures, so an Italian book for intermediate learners should reflect that.

Italian Short Stories For Intermediate Learners – Olly Richards

intermediate italian stories

Just like Olly’s Italian books for beginners, his Italian intermediate collection contains eight fun short stories. Each of his books includes a five step guide on how best to read the book to get the most out of the stories.

With the Italian short stories for intermediate learners, you will find more difficult vocabulary without it being so obscure that you struggle to understand the stories.

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Intermediate Italian Short Stories – Lingo Mastery

italian short stories for intermediates

Lingo Mastery’s Italian intermediate short story collection includes 10 short stories for Italian intermediate learners. After each story you will find a summary of the major vocabulary to help you pick up any new words you might have come across.

Just like the Italian stories by Olly Richards, Lingo Mastery write their stories with natural dialogue in mind to expose you as the reader to the Italian you’d be more likely to encounter if you were to go to Italy.

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Advanced Italian Books

question mark

Unfortunately there aren’t much options available t find advanced graded readers for Italian.

As more and more language books are produced, hopefully more books will be written and this genre will be able to expand.

But for now, a great way to improve your Italian reading for advanced learners might be to find stories that you like in English and look for their translated counterparts in Italian.

This can be a great stepping stone before reading books that have been written in Italian originally.

As more books are published and language learning materials get ever more advanced we will be sure to update this list. Or if you come across any advanced books that you think deserve a mention then be sure to let us know so we can add them to the list.

learning italian

How To Read These Italian Graded Readers

These books have been written to help you improve your reading in Italian, but there is a specific way to read them. It’s not as easy as picking up an Italian beginners book and getting started. There are certain things you can do to get the most out of these Italian books for learners.

Choose The Right Italian Book For Your Level Of Fluency

It’s incredibly important that you choose an Italian book that reflects your level of fluency. If you’re a beginner Italian student then you need to be choosing an Italian book for beginners, and similarly if you’re an intermediate learner then you need to choose an Italian book for intermediates. It can be very tempting to jump ahead and to read books that are beyond your level but the only thing you will achieve in this is frustration. The best thing to do is to read a book that is suited to your level so that you find it challenging but not frustratingly impossible to the point that you give in.

Read Your Italian Book Every Day

It doesn’t matter if it’s just one page. Make sure you’re picking up your Italian book every single day. This is the best way to make sure you improve your Italian reading comprehension. You’ll find that you can remember Italian vocabulary much more quickly if you study in this way. If you save all of your Italian reading for once a week it will be more difficult for you to recall words and you’ll find yourself looking up their meanings much more often.

Read For Italian Comprehension Not To Understand Every Word

Whether you’re reading an Italian beginners book or an Italian intermediates book, it’s important to remember that you should be reading for the gist, not to understand every single word. If you read to understand every word then you’re going to find yourself pouring over an Italian dictionary rather than enjoying the story. Yes you’re reading to pick up new words in Italian but you’re also wanting to foster an interest in reading Italian books and to have fun. Look up the odd word but if it doesn’t hamper your understanding it may be better to just keep reading.

Find An Italian Book That You Enjoy

We don’t just read to learn but for enjoyment as well. Whether you’re looking for a beginner’s Italian book or an intermediate’s Italian book, it’s important that you find one you can enjoy. If you enjoy it, you’re much more likely to keep reading it than if it’s a struggle to get through. So look for an Italian graded reader that’s fun and engaging if you want to get the most out of your reading.

italian learning books

Final Thoughts On Best Italian Graded Readers

We hope you’re found our recommendation of best Italian graded readers useful. Graded readers can be a fantastic way to help you enjoy learning a language. They give you a chance to engage with Italian at the level you’re prepared for and to have fun while you do it.

Being able to read in a foreign language can give you a huge confidence boost, and graded readers can do that. If you’re learning Italian then we couldn’t recommend these Italian graded readers more.

Do you think that there are any books that should be added to the list? Which Italian graded readers have you been reading to help with our comprehension skills? Let us know in the comments below.

Now you’ve discovered the best Italian graded readers, be sure to check out the best online resources for Italian here. These are the best free resources that we’ve found online to help you learn Italian. Or if you really want to aid your learning then take a look at our collection of best Italian textbooks.

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