Can You Learn French On Your Own?

can you learn french on your own

Can You Learn French On Your Own?

More and more people are learning language from the comforts of their own home and one of the questions we’ve been hearing recently is can you learn French on your own? The short answer we’ll give to this is yes and no

If you mean without the assistance of French classes but still by talking to people and practising then yes, you can learn French on your own. But if you mean literally on your own with no human contact whatsoever then you’ll be able to get to a certain point where you know quite a bit of French but you’ll never be able to speak French properly, have conversations or be competent in the language.

You will be able to learn French on your own to a certain extent. You can learn words and teach yourself grammar structures. You can watch movies and TV series, read books and even talk to yourself in French. You can practise your writing skills in French but unfortunately until you speak a language you will never achieve a real competency in it.

However, we will assume by asking can you learn French on your own? you mean without the assistance of a teacher and by self teaching and for this you definitely can. There are hundreds of resources now available to language learners that were never there in the past.

How Can You Learn French On Your Own

There are so many things you can do to learn French on your own and here are some of our favourite methods:

Buy A Good Quality French Textbook

French textbooks aren’t the only answer but they’re definitely a start. If you buy a French textbook and work your way through it you will be able to learn the grammar structures that you would otherwise learn in a French class.

Practise Speaking French Online

Getting conversation practise is one of the most important components when you’re learning a foreign language and this is just as true with French. You can use websites such as italki, conversation exchange and hellotalk to find language partners to practise with. You don’t need to go to France at all, with the internet you can speak from the comfort of your own home.

Use A French App On Your Mobile

Apps are a fantastic way to learn vocab and to just have a bit of fun with the language. They’re interactive and you can use them on the go no matter where you are. Take a look at the best apps to learn French.

Watch French TV, Movies And Youtube

There are hundreds of videos, movies and series in French for you to choose from, all catered to different levels. No matter if you’re just starting out or at an advanced level you should be able to find something in French to watch. And that way you’ll be engaging with the culture and learning French at the same time.

Change Your Phone Setting To French

If you see French all the time in your day to day life you’ll become more used to it a lot more quickly. Change your phone settings to French so you can French no matter what you’re doing and you’ll have a chance to really get used to the language.

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