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best french textbooks

We have scoured the market and come up with our recommendations of what we believe to be the best French textbooks currently available on the market.

Whether you’ve just started off or you’re nearly speaking to a native language we believe that we have a recommendation for you.

It’s important to remember that a textbook won’t help you to learn a language on it’s own. You need to gain exposure to that language. You need to listen to music in it, to watch movies in it and most importantly to speak it.

However, a textbook can help you get on your way. Textbooks are fantastic accompaniments to other methods of learning. There are a classic material for a reason.

Use a textbook to supplement your learning and nail those grammar issues that you may have. So without further delay, here is our selection of the best French textbooks currently available:

French Textbook Recommendation List

  1. Complete French Beginner to Intermediate Course

  2. Ultimate French Beginner-Intermediate

  3. Living Language French, Complete Edition

  4. Ultimate French Advanced (Coursebook)

  5. Le DALF – 100% réussite – C1 – C2 – Livre + CD (French Edition)

  6. Practice Makes Perfect: Complete French Grammar

  7. Advanced French Grammar – Second Edition

Now keep on reading to find out about each of these French textbooks in detail and to see which is the best one for you.

Best French Textbooks For Beginners And Intermediate

If you’re just getting started with your French journey then a French beginner’s textbook is the perfect place to get you started.

Some of the textbooks available cover from a beginner level all the way up to intermediate and some just concentrate on the basics.

Whatever your requirements are, you should be able to find the perfect French textbook for your needs.

Complete French Beginner to Intermediate Course: Learn to read, write, speak and understand a new language (Teach Yourself) – Gaelle Graham

Average Price: $28.21

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best french textbooks

Our top pick to get you started with learning French is Complete French by Gaelle Graham.

This is a great learning resource for self motivated students. It covers grammar, vocabulary and uses authentic conversations to help you with your listening skills.

Each section is broken down into manageable segments to help you get the most out of your learning and to study either on the go or when you have a break in your day.

We would highly recommend Complete French for anyone who is getting started with learning French or even if you’ve learnt some before and are just looking to brush up on your French skills.

Beginner through to intermediate
Authentic conversations
Lots of chances to practise and review

Ultimate French Beginner-Intermediate (Coursebook) (Ultimate Beginner-Intermediate) – Living Language

Average Price: $19.95

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French textbook for beginner and intermediate

The Ultimate French textbook is great not only for learning French from scratch but also for reviving the French you may have learnt years ago.

The textbook is broken down into various lessons and at the end of each lesson are plenty of exercises to help you go over what you’ve just learnt.

Practising what you’ve learnt is incredibly important if you want to remember it. The more we practise the more we remember so having these practise exercises at the end of each lesson is particularly important.

Beginner through to intermediate
Practise exercises after each lesson

Living Language French, Complete Edition: Beginner through advanced course, including 3 coursebooks, 9 audio CDs, and free online learning

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Average Price: $31.17

best french textbook for beginners and intermediates

Living languaes use linguistic sciences, proven techniques and their impressive 65+ years of experience to craft textbooks to meet your language learning needs.

Their Complete French Edition is a great way to take you from the daunting start of a complete beginners through to a confident intermediate learner.

Living Language prides itself on giving you an insight into the language that will help you to express yourself and not just to repeat words and phrases like a robot.

46 lessons
3 books
9 audio CDs
Free online learning

Best French Textbook For Advanced

Ultimate French Advanced (Coursebook) – Living Language

Average Price: $12.23

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So you’ve mastered French beginner and intermediate and you’re ready to move onto advanced French learning.

If you’ve gotten to this stage then to reach the mastery of French that you’re probably looking for you’re going to need a textbook. This textbook is perfect for people living abroad in France and wanting to integrate better in the society or for business people who need a flawless level of French.

Ultimate French is perfect for advanced learners, people living and travelling abroad and people who are wanting to conduct business in French.

Business vocabulary and etiquette tips
Free online practise exercises

Le DALF – 100% réussite – C1 – C2 – Livre + CD (French Edition)

DALF French textbook

If you’re considering taking the DALF which is the official French test for advanced students of C1 and C2 level then we would highly recommend this textbook to help you prepare.

Strategies and tips to prepare for the DALF
Practise exercises
Audio activities
C1 and C2 appropriate material

Average Price: $39.95

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Best French Textbooks For Grammar

We might not all like grammar but it’s a necessary part of language learning, so here are our recommendations of French textbooks for grammar.

Practice Makes Perfect: Complete French Grammar, Premium Third Edition – Annie Heminway

Average Price: $12.33

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Not many people like grammar but it’s a necessary part of learning a language.

Although you can get by picking things up and repeating words and phrases you hear, eventually you’re going to need to learn the grammar behind the language and with French it’s no different.

Complete French Grammar provides you with concise explanations and examples to help you understand the grammar rules, then gives you plenty of opportunity to practise them with lots of different exercises so you can commit them to memory.

Clear and precise explanations
Examples to help you understand
Over 350 exercise to practise with
High frequency vocabulary

Advanced French Grammar – Second Edition – Véronique Matez

Average Price: $12.19

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best french advanced grammar textbook

Advanced French Grammar is the perfect book to take you to the next level with your French.

If you find that you already have a competent level of French and you communicate very well but you still have some problems with the more tricky grammar points then this could be the book for you.

Advanced French Grammar looks to hammer out those annoying problems you may be having with your French and give you the tools to move towards a level of mastery.

Example sentences to demonstrate each grammar point
Dozens of exercises
Contains explanations of some of the trickiest French grammar points

Why Using A French Textbook Will Help Your Learning

A lot of people are preferring different learning methods to old textbook use when it comes to learning a foreign language now. Many people prefer to use apps, or are opting for conversation exchanges and the textbook is becoming less prominent. But don’t worry, there is still a place for textbook learning with languages.

Using a textbook when learning French will help you to supplement your learning. A textbook is a great way to get to grips with grammar points, learn the ins and outs of the language and check your progress with practise exercises. Of course a French textbook shouldn’t be the only way you’re learning. If you’re learning a foreign language it’s important that you try to learn in lots of different ways. Make sure you’re practising your speaking and listening skills as well as the skills you might be practising in a French textbook.

finding a french book

How To Choose Which French Textbook Is For You

  • Price! How much does it cost? Are you willing to splash out a bit more on an effective French textbook or are you looking to save some money? If this is the case then you could consider searching different websites to compare prices rather than buying the first one you come to.
  • Size! Are you going to be carrying it to class with you every day or is it something you’ll use to study at home. This may sound like an arbitrary point but it can make a difference to which French textbook you end up choosing.
  • Canadian, African or European? There are so many different types of French to choose from. Make sure you pick a French book that reflects the type of French you’re learning.
  • What’s the focus? Is it a general textbook? Or does it have a focus on French grammar? Make sure you pick a textbook that will help you to improve what you’re specifically looking to improve.
  • Aesthetics – This may sound like a silly point when you’re using the French textbook to study and not to hang on your wall, but it helps to consider how it looks before you buy it. Remember you’re going to be working your way through this textbook every day for months to improve your French. You don’t want to be using a French textbook with tiny text and no images because you’re just not going to want to open it.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your French Textbook

After you’ve chosen the best French textbook to help you learn, now you need to find out how to get the most out of it and we can help you with these top tips.

Study Your French Textbook Daily

It won’t be enough if you pick up your French textbook once a week or a couple of times a month. To see real benefits in your French learning, it would be best if you study once a day if possible, even if it’s just for half an hour. Small study chunks can make more of a difference than if you save all of your French study for one day a week, even if you do spend a few hours on French.

Buy A French Textbook With Practise Exercises

Make sure the textbook you buy has exercises in it so you can practise what you’ve learnt in the textbook. This way not only will you solidify your learning but you’ll also be able to check on your own progress and go over things you may need more practise on. The best textbooks for this are the ones that break each chapter into bite size chunks with exercises after each new explanation. That way you always have the opportunity to practise what you’ve just learnt.

Set Yourself Achievable Goals With Your French Textbook

If you plan to complete the whole textbook in a month then unless you’re a serious student you’re probably going to encounter some issues. However, if you set yourself goals that are easy to achieve then you’re more likely to have realistic success. For example if your textbook is broken down into chapters then you could set yourself the goal of completing one chapter a week. That way you’re more likely to have success and complete the chapters weekly rather than setting yourself an objective that isn’t achievable.

finding a french textbook

We hope you’ve find our recommendations of the best textbooks for French useful. Whichever French textbook you decide to purchase depends on you. Remember that although we make recommendations ultimately the decision is up to you and you need to choose the textbook that will best help with your French learning needs.

Another key thing to keep in mind is that a textbook is only a supplement to learning a foreign language and in order to get the most out of your language learning experience you need to speak it at every possible opportunity. Try to immerse yourself in French by watching French movies, reading French books and speaking to French speakers whenever you can. This coupled with your French textbook should put you on the path to linguistic success.

Now you’ve found the best French textbooks for the job, why not take a look at our recommendations of best French graded readers to help improve your French comprehension too. Reading is always fun and if you can do it in a foreign language it’s even more satisfying. But unfortunately you might not be able to start off reading complicated French books straight away. Instead consider taking some time to read graded readers and build up your comprehension from there. If you do that you’ll find your French reading improves in no time.

Or take a look at the best French DELF textbooks that we would recommend to help you nail the DELF and DALF exams. The DELF and DALF examinations are the official French language exams that you need to take to become a resident and work in France. If you are considering taking this exam then we would highly recommend a textbook for studying French to help you prepare. And taking this exam can also help to dramatically improve your French at the same time, as you’re studying to pass, you’ll notice your French skills sky rocket.

Good luck with your French and keep learning.

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