Very Short English Stories – To Improve Your English!

Very Short English Stories

A great way to improve your English is to read short stories in English.

When you’re learning a foreign language it can be difficult to read big books with lots of text. But you do want to try to read something.

A common problem that lots of people face is that they will buy long and complicated books to improve their English and then they won’t read them.

A great way to get around this is to read very short English stories. That way you can read and practise your English but you don’t have to read a lot. You can read a little bit every single day and your English will get better.

This is better than buying a book that you won’t read.

Our English books To Improve English

These are some of the very short English stories that we have published to help you improve your English skills.

In our stories, we value targeted language, appropriate grammar structures and for them to be fun.

Short English Stories For Beginners

very short english stories

English Short Stories For Beginners – Charlotte Hatton

  • Contains 5 short stories for beginners
  • Easy vocabulary
  • Simple grammar structures

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short english stories for beginners

English Stories For Beginners Volume 2. – Charlotte Hatton

  • Contains natural conversations
  • 5 stories written for a beginner level
  • Easy grammar

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collection of beginners english short stories

English Short Stories For Beginners Vol 3. – Charlotte Hatton

  • 5 very short English stories
  • Written specifically for a beginner learner
  • Engaging stories

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English crime short stories for beginners

English Beginner Crime Series – Charlotte Hatton

  • 4 short stories for beginner English learners
  • Fast paced crime stories
  • Beginner vocabulary and grammar

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english science fiction short stories for upper beginners

English Upper Beginner Science Fiction Series – Charlotte Hatton

  • 4 short English stories for upper beginners
  • Vocab. targeted specifically at upper beginners
  • Stories written for fans of science fiction

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You can find complete collection of English books for beginners here. Take a look to learn about our short stories in English in more detail.

Short English stories for Intermediates

english short stories for intermediates

English Short Stories For Intermediates – Charlotte Hatton

  • 5 short stories in English
  • Vocabulary and grammar targeted to an intermediate reader
  • Fun and engaging stories

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If you want to find more information on our short stories in English for intermediate take a look at our English intermediate page.

We are currently writing a second series of intermediate stories. Our team of writers are also planning to begin an advanced collection. Hopefully both of these books will be released at the start of 2020.

The most important thing for us is that our books are fun and that they help you to learn. So please let us know if you’ve enjoyed our stories.

Other English Short Stories To Improve Your English

Although we write and produce our own short stories, we know that as a learner you want to find as many books as possible to help you improve your English.

English Stories For Beginners

So these are some of our other favourite very short English stories.

Olly Richards – Short Stories In English For Beginners 

Olly Richards, the face behind ‘I Will Teach You A Language’ has a range of language books for varying levels.

All of his collections for beginners have the same things in common:

  • Fun stories
  • Natural dialogues
  • Word lists
  • Chapter summaries

His beginner book is a great way to get started.

Short English stories For Intermediates

Short Stories In English (Intermediate) – Olly Richards

Olly’s intermediate collections are a bit more difficult than his beginner books but still perfect to help you learn.

With slightly more complicated grammar and more advanced vocabulary his intermediate collections can help you make the jump from beginner to intermediate and will definitely help you with your English.

English Short Stories For Intermediate Learners – Olly Richards 

If you’re still looking for more recommendations then we would definitely encourage you to read Olly’s other intermediate book with 8 unconventional stories to grow your English vocabulary and to help you learn whilst having fun.

Now we’re just waiting for Olly to release a collection for advanced learners.

Our Thoughts

We hope this list of very short English stories has been useful to you.

Very short English stories are a great way for you to get started on improving your reading skills in English.

Not only do they expose you to lots of new vocabulary, they also help you practise grammar structures.

It is important that you become familiar with new words and grammar and reading is a great way to do that.

When you read you see words that you’ve already come across before and this can help you commit them to memory. The more you see the words the more familiar you will become with them.

Another great feature of these short stories in English is the length.

It’s hard for us to read something when we don’t know how long we will be reading for. If you pick up a big book and it’s too difficult then you’re not going to finish it. However if the text is quite short, then you’ll find it easier to read and you’ll be more likely to finish the story.

The great thing about the length of these stories is that you could feasibly read one in a day. Or if you don’t want to read a story in a day, you could definitely read a chapter in a day.

Make sure you let us know if there are any other skills that you’re looking to improve and we’ll see how we can help you. Remember it’s not just reading that you need to practise, when learning English, it’s also important to practise your writing, listening and speaking skills as well.

Good luck and let us know if you enjoy our recommendations.

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