English Stories For Intermediates

English Stories for Intermediates

5 English Short Stories for Intermediates


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Stories in this collection:

  • This City Needs Bikes
  • The Graduation
  • The Library
  • Twenty kilos lighter
  • Who was she?

Watch your English comprehension skills sky rocket with this collection of short English stories for intermediates. With targeted vocabulary and appropriate grammar, this English book for intermediates will improve your English comprehension in no time.

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About the Author

Charlotte Hatton – English Stories For Intermediates

Charlotte Hatton works to combine her love of learning foreign languages, teaching English and the world of fiction to create fun and engaging stories for English learners. After teaching English for six years and watching her students struggle to find resources appropriate to their reading level, Charlotte decided to contribute to these resources by writing her own collections of stories for English learners, including this English stories for intermediates.

She started in 2018 with a series of English books for beginners and after that was a success she moved her attention onto stories for intermediate English learners. Now she is currently working on a second collection for intermediate learners before moving onto a collection for advanced learners.

Charlotte also plans to release a second English book for intermediates to help you find the content you need to improve your English.

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Why Use Graded Readers?

Graded readers are a great way to boost your confidence as you learn English. Reading is one of the skills you need to improve while learning a foreign language but it can be difficult to find reading material suitable to your level.

If you choose something that is too difficult, you’re not going to enjoy reading it and you either won’t be able to take all of the information in or you just won’t bother because it’s too difficult. If you read something too easy like a children’s book, then you’re more likely to get bored or you won’t find it challenging.

Graded readers are the happy medium. With graded readers you can read interesting books that have been written specifically for adults but are graded to your level. You can read books that use the current grammar of your level while introducing you to new vocabulary at a manageable pace.

Graded readers have helped thousands if not millions of people to learn foreign languages so now’s the time you should consider reading them yourself. This is why you should take a look at this collection of English stories for intermediates.

We hope that you find these English books for intermediates useful.

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