Why learn Korean?


Korean is an increasingly popular language amongst polyglots and language learners. Along with Japanese and Mandarin, Korean is one of the most popular Asian languages to learn and our reasons below should help you to understand why this is and why you should consider Korean as your next language.

Please read our reasons to learn Korean. We hope you enjoy them and we hope we can manage to convince you to learn Korean with us.

Reasons to learn Korean


K-POP and Korean dramas!

Admit it, you love K-pop or you wouldn’t be thinking about learning Korean right? Learning Korean will enable you to understand and sing along to K-pop songs, meaning you’re going to be one of the strongest performers at KTV nights. You’ll also be able to understand Korean dramas. Korean dramas are talked about in a similar way to Mexican telenovellas. They’re incredibly popular, very dramatic and definitely well worth the watch. Learning Korean would allow you to do just that!

The alphabet is phonetic and you can learn it in a day!

This is probably the most convincing argument for why you should consider learning Korean. The Korean alphabet is incredibly easy to master, and could definitely be learnt within a day. You would just need to make sure you used it so you didn’t forget it.

easiest script in the world. Alphabet very fast to learn and everything matches. Most phonetic language in the world

There are no genders

(And no, I don’t mean gender is a social construct). If you’ve learnt a language like French, German or Spanish, then you’ll have encountered gendered nouns, and I’m sure you’re not a huge fan of them either. Well the best thing about Korean is that there are no genders for nouns. The chair isn’t feminine, it’s just a chair, which makes things much easier when you’re learning nouns. You don’t have to learn their genders, you just have to learn the words for things.

Korean is not a tonal language!

Lots of languages in Asia use tones to convey meaning but Korean isn’t one of them. Therefore, if you’re like me and tone deaf, Korean is a great Asian language to learn, without having to deal with tones. Learning languages from different continents can be fun and really interesting and I know many people want to learn an Asian language at some point. Korean allows you to do this, but without having to learn the tones that make other languages so difficult like Mandarin.

There is a high number of Korean speakers

17th most spoken language in the world. It may not be in the top ten but it’s still one of the major players. More than 75 million people speak Korean, that is a lot of people to practise Korean with when you’re learning. Korean culture also permeates other regions of Asia, with K-pop and Korean dramas being enjoyed by many countries and making Korean a more popular language to learn.

Increase your career opportunities

Any foreign language will be advantageous when you’re looking for a job, but Korean will definitely set you ahead. Westerners who are able to speak Korean are difficult to come by but the skill is in demand.

Even if you aren’t looking to work in Korea, or to work for a company who deals with Korea, having that on your CV is always going to set you at an advantage because it shows that you can stick to a long term goal and have the dedication to do something that is also quite difficult.

It will set you apart from competition, open up very specific jobs for you and show you as someone who can complete something, no matter how difficult it is.


Reasons not to learn Korean

Hear are some of our reasons why you might want to reconsider learning Korean. Of course, we don’t actually think you shouldn’t learn it, we just think it’s important to be aware of everything before you start learning. And of course we love Korean and think everyone should learn it, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the language for you. So check out our reasons for why you shouldn’t learn Korean, but be aware, we really couldn’t think of many.

Limited country access

Only Korea speaks Korea, so for access to other countries and cultures, you’re limiting yourself to just one country. A lot of people choose to learn a foreign language to use in as many places as possible or to talk to as many people as possible, which is why languages like Spanish, Chinese and French are so popular. However, unless you’re learning a language specifically for travel, I wouldn’t let it put you off.


Korean has a different grammar structure to English, in that it uses SOV. (subject, object, verb). For those of you who aren’t familiar to grammar terminology I’ll explain to you with some examples.

English uses SVO (Subject, verb, object). Meaning a typical English sentence will look like this:

Barry hit Martin.

Barry = subject
Hit = verb
Martin = object


Using the Korean model SOV, the sentence would look like this:

Barry Martin hit.

Barry = subject
Martin = object
Hit = verb

This can be pretty tricky for an English speaker to wrap their head around at first, but English speakers have been learning languages with different sentence structures for centuries. Don’t let it actually put you off, just think of it like a challenge and something you need to get used to.


Final thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed our reasons why we think you should learn Korean. If you’ve had any experience learning Korean, if you’re thinking about learning, or if you’ve decided that Korean just isn’t the language for you, then please tell us about your learning experience in the comments below.

We love to receive your comments and hear about your language learning experiences.

And now that we’ve convinced you to learn Korean take a look at the best learning Korean websites currently available.

Please, don’t let our reasons not to learn Korean put you off. These are the things that make the language so challenging, but they’re also the things that make it rewarding when you finally realise your hard work has paid off and you can speak Korean.

Good luck and we hope you choose Korean as your next language to learn.

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