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best websites to learn korean

Best Websites To Learn Korean

Anyone who has taken a look at Korean will know that it’s not the easiest language to learn, but luckily for those who are thinking about studying it, there are some great websites to help you learn Korean. We’ve compiled a list below of what we believe to be the best websites to learn Korean.

  1. FluentU
  2. How To Study Koren
  3. Talk To Me In Korean
  4. Duolingo
  5. Memrise
  6. FluentU

This is our list of the best websites to learn Korean, now let’s take a look at why!

FluentU – One Of The Best Websites To Learn Korean

fluent u - best website to learn korean

Top of our list of the best websites to help you learn Korean is FluentU. If you want to practise your listening skills and to hear native speakers having natural dialogues then you can’t go wrong with FluentU.

FluentU has a huge database of videos that you can access to watch videos of native speakers. The only downside is that you have to pay to use their service but they do offer a free trial so you can try it out and see if it’s for you before you commit.

How To Study Korean

how to study korean

How To Study Korean is a fantastic resource that anyone wanting to learn Korean should take a look at. Using this website can replace traditional textbook learning to take you through the stages of Korean.

The website is set out into units, each unit contains 25 lessons and 3 quizzes so you can check your progress as you go. The units starts with learning to read in Korean, basic Korean grammar and go all the way to advanced Korean grammar. So you can start as a complete Korean beginner and work your way to fluency.

Talk To Me In Korean

talk to me in korean - korean website

Talk To Me In Korean provides a fantastic course to help learners with every stage of their Korean journey, and not just that, they make textbooks as well.

They cater for levels from newbie all the way up to advanced and break down their learning modules into different themes, so if you want some basic travel vocabulary or if you want to pick up some Korean idioms they’ve got you covered.

Duolingo – Great Website To Learn Korean

duolingo korean course

Anyone who studies foreign languages will probably have already come across Duolingo. Although Duolingo does seem to perform better for languages that share the roman alphabet the courses are being improved all the time.

Duolingo is a fun, interactive platform that uses game style learning and spaced repetition to help you learn vocabulary and grammar in a self discovery kind of way.

Memrise – Useful Website To Study Korean

memrise - website to learn korean

Memrise is a website that is dedicated to helping you study through spaced repetition. You go over new or already revised material in a flashcard style manner and see if you can remember what you’ve learnt.

The app then repeats things that you don’t know as well as other vocab at a rate that will give you the best chances of success to learn the new material.

Loescen – Korean Learning Website

loescen learn korean website

Loescen takes you through basic vocab and things that you will come up against as you travel in Korea and works it way to more challenging material.

It uses fun images and audio to help you learn through two modes at the same time. This type of learning can help you commit new things to memory better than if you just study it through reading, or just study through listening.

We hope you’ve found these learn Korean websites useful and that they can help you in your pursuit of Korean fluency.


How To Study Korean With The Best Chances Of Success

Now you have the resources, it’s important to know how to study Korean in order to optimise your chances of success.

Learn The Korean Alphabet ASAP

The Korean alphabet is relatively easy to learn as it’s a phonetic alphabet.

If you concentrate and dedicate some serious time to this, then you could theoretically learn the Korean alphabet in one day. Obviously you need to practise but there’s no reason you couldn’t learn it in a relatively short period of time. Then once you’re learn the Korean alphabet you have a great building block from which you can move forwards.

Find native speakers to talk to

Talking to a native speaker can make the world of difference to your progress in a foreign language.

If you’re not sure where to find native speakers to talk to then why not try looking at italki, conversation exchange or hello talk. These are all sites that have been designed to help you find a native speaker. Once you’ve found your native speaker, you can organise a time that you’re both free and organise a language exchange.

Set Yourself Realistic Goals

Setting yourself achievable goals is a great way to stay motivated. Having a goal gives you something to aim towards but if the goal is too ambitious and you don’t achieve it, then you’re more likely to lose motivation rather than gain it. Instead what you can do is to set yourself goals that are achievable and then when you meet them you’ll keep going to the next one.

Use A Variety Of Resources

We have recommended the best websites to learn Korean above but don’t be afraid to look for other resources. You can try reading Korean books, watching Korean movies or even investing in a textbook to study from.

Websites are a great resource because they’re usually free but don’t forget there are other great resources out there that are also available.

Sign Up For A Korean Exam

An exam can be a great way to motivate you to learn. By signing up to an exam you give yourself a goal to aim towards. And because you’ve paid the money and told people you’re taking the exam, you’re more likely to study so you don’t let yourself down.

If you do decide to take the Korean TOPIK exam, then make sure you check out our recommendations of the best TOPIK textbooks currently available to help give you the greatest chances of success.

Study Korean Every Day

It’s much better to study a little bit every single day than it is to study once a week for a big chunk of time.

By studying every day you reinforce what you’ve learnt and keep the momentum. Even if you do the same amount of studying per week but you only do it once a week you will find that you progress a lot more slowly than if you study daily.

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