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Learning a foreign language is something a lot of people would love to be to do. But for those of us who can’t learn a new language before we go to each new country, here are the best translator devices available.

Translator devices are often pocket sized hand held devices that do immediate translation for you.

They usually work by you selecting the language you want to translate into and then speaking into the device.

Of course each device works a little bit differently, so make sure you read the product break downs before committing to a specific model. These are our picks of the best translation devices currently available on the market.

  1. Birgus Voice Translator Device Smart Language Interpreters Device

  2. Pocketalk Language Translator Device – Portable Two-Way Voice Interpreter

  3. ili – Instant Offline Language Translator Device (One-Way Translator)

  4. Smart Language Translator Device Handheld Portable Real Time Instant Two-Way Language Translation 

  5. Goglor Easy Trans Smart Language Translator Device,Instant Offline Language Translator Device 

So now you’ve seen which ones make the cut keep reading to find out why and to see which is the right electronic translator for you.

Our Top Translator Device

After scouring the market looking for the best electronic translators we managed to narrow down our choices to our favourite translation device and some runner ups to go along with it.

So without any further wait, the model that won out of the best translator devices is:

1. Birgus Voice Translator Device Smart Language Interpreters Device

best translator device

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With a 2.4 inch interactive touch screen, the two way Birgus voice translator does not require an app for translation. Not only that but the device supports the translation between 70 languages with a 98% accuracy rate and high voice recognition.


  • Supports translation between 70 languages
  • 98% accuracy rate
  • High recognition ability


  • Requires internet connection
  • Expensive compared to other models


Although it has a higher price tag than other translators on the market, it also has an undeniably higher quality of features.  And with two way support between 70 languages, even the required internet connection is justified.

If you want the best translator device available on the market, the we would recommend the Birgus Voice Translator.

If you’re looking for something a big more economical then keep scrolling down and find the right recommendation for you.

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Contender Translator Devices

Here are some of the other best translator devices available on the market right now, that although didn’t make the cut for our number one language translator, still deserve a mention and might be able to fit your individual needs.

Pocketalk Language Translator Device – Portable Two-Way Voice Interpreter

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This Japanese made, award winning, two way language translator falls in at second place. Though the device has so many fantastic features it was difficult to pick the top spot.

The best feature that this language translating machine has over other models is that it has built in mobile data.

The translator device was built for a millennial audience as it understands how important connection is.


  • Supports translation between 74 languages
  • Two way translation
  • Real time translation
  • Built in data


  • Relatively expensive


It was a close call for the top spot and PocketTalk might even change our mind.

We believe that compared to other models, the PocketTalk is really worth the higher price tag with it’s 74 languages and built in data, Wi-Fi and personal hotspot options.

This model is especially perfect is you’re going to countries that love Wi-Fi as much as we do like Japan or South Korea.

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ili – Instant Offline Language Translator Device (One-Way Translator)

one way translator device

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The ili instant offline translator device supports Chinese, Japanese and Spanish in one-way translation. The best feature of this translation device is that it doesn’t require Wi-Fi connection and therefore can be used offline. Which is a feature that many of the other translation devices are lacking.


  • Doesn’t need Wi-Fi
  • Light and portable
  • Sleek design


  • It only translates to three languages: Spanish, Chinese and Japanese
  • It only translates one way (it doesn’t translate Spanish, Chinese, Japanese to English)


Although it only supports three languages, the fact that it can be used offline is a huge bonus if you only need translation for Spanish, Chinese or Japanese.

However, the model is quite expensive considering it only has one-way translation.

We would recommend this if not needing a Wi-Fi connection was one of your main concerns.

However we are put off the model due to the fact that the person you’re talking to can’t use the device to reply to you.

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Economical Translation Devices

For those of you who don’t want to splash out on a translator device and are looking for a cheaper translation device then check out our selection of best cheap translation devices.

These are the translation devices that we have found for under $100 that we think deserve your attention. They do the job just with a smaller price tag:

Smart Language Translator Device Handheld Portable Real Time Instant Two-Way Language Translation 

economical translating device

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The Smart Language Translator Device can connect to your phone via bluetooth. Once connected to your phone, you can use the uTranslate app to manage the device. You can then control the device from your phone.

As well as that, when you speak into the device, the transcript will arrive on your phone screen in the app.


  • Two way translation
  • Bluetooth support
  • Supports 39 languages
  • Cheaper than other models!


This translating device offers a great solution to the issue of wanting a top quality translator for a lower price tag.

With a supporting app, two way translation and 39 languages, this translation device is definitely worth its value.

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Goglor Easy Trans Smart Language Translator Device, Instant Offline Language Translator Device 

best economical translation device

This pocket sized translator device comes in three different colours and supports up to 40 different languages with two way translation.


  • Supports 40 languages
  • Real time voice and text translation
  • Two way translation
  • Photo translation!
  • Comes in three colours


With the photo translation, 40 languages and colour options, this is our favourite pick of the cheaper language translation machines available.

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Check out these translation devices in action:

If you haven’t seen these translation devices working in the real world then it might be hard for you to imagine how useful they can actually be. Below we’ve selected some videos to demonstrate to you how these translators actually work and how successful they are in translating.

If you’re not convinced after that first video, we have a second one to help you get even more of an idea.

Should I Get A Translation Device Or Not?

A big question that surrounds these fancy new devices is whether people should actually get them or whether they take away from language learning.

The concern being that if we can speak into a machine that translates for us, why would we make the effort to learn a foreign language at all?

However we believe that even with a translation device nothing can replace speaking to someone in their own language. The only thing that this facilitates is it will be easier to visit foreign countries and talk to people without having to learn the language of every country you visit.

If you want to live in a foreign country or if you love languages, you’re still going to have to learn another language.

We believe that these translation devices aid in communication rather than hinder it. If you want to read more on this subject then check out our article on whether a translation device is right for you.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our article on the best translation devices. Do you think you would invest in a translation device or would you rather carry around your pocket dictionary? What is the best translator device that you’ve come across?

How To Choose The Best Electronic Translator For You

Although we’ve given you our electronic translator recommendations, the one you pick will ultimately be the model that fits your needs the best. So we have compiled some criteria that you can look at when choosing the right electronic translator for you.

Price – How Much Does The Electronic Translator Cost

Price is an important one. You need to think how much does it cost and how much are you willing to spend. There’s no point browsing all of the top of the range translation devices if you know you have a budget of $30. Make sure you do your research first. Find out the costs of the top end translators and the lower end ones. Then work out what you’re willing to pay. This will help to narrow your search very quickly.

Do You Need Two-Way Translation?

This is an important one. Some translation devices only offer one way translations which can be useful and cost effective for some people but the majority of people buying one need two way translation. So make sure you check this out before you make your purchase.

Which Languages Do You Need To Translate?

This is a very important feature to consider. Unfortunately not everyone who has purchased an electronic translator has thought of this one. Different translators will have different languages available and this is important to keep in mind when choosing one. Make sure you read which languages are available with each electronic translator before you make your purchase.

Big Or Small Electronic Translator?

Think about when and where you’ll be using your translation device. If you’re buying it for travel then do you want to be hauling around a large piece of technology? No, instead what you need is something that fits neatly in your pocket or bag and doesn’t weigh that much. If you’ll be doing the majority of your translating at home then this isn’t as much of an issue, but most people will be buying an electronic translator for travel so this is something they need to consider.




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