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best language books

So you’re looking to learn a foreign language or you’re just interested in foreign languages and you’re looking for the best language books available?

If that’s the case then you’ve come to the right place.

Here we love language books just as much as anybody else and we want to recommend the best language books to you to help you with your language learning journey.

How To Read These Language Books

The best thing to do when reading these language books is to remember that every learner is different. And although they offer great advice, you need to read them carefully and find which pieces of advice are best for you.

Some language learners swear by input input input and then output comes later. Where as others think you need to be speaking from day one.

Whatever your learning style is, make sure you keep an open mind and find the techniques that best suit you.

Why Language Books Are So Useful

One of the questions you might be asking is why should you read a generalised language book.

Surely if you’re learning Russian you should read a book about learning Russian and not just about learning languages right?

Well we would say wrong. There is a lot to be learnt from reading generalised language books.

Books about foreign languages can help equip you with the skills to learn any language rather than just one. They address common methods and mistakes behind learning foreign languages and can help you get quickly on the way to fluency.

So here are our top picks on best language books to help you learn foreign languages or just to dive into the world of linguistics.

Best Language Books

So let’s get started.

Below is our list of the top books to read on language learning.

We hope you find them useful and that they open you up to the world of language learning.

Fluent In Three Months – Benny Lewis

Average Price: $9.88

best language books

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What’s it about?

In his best selling book Fluent In 3 Months, Benny breaks down how anyone can go from having no knowledge of a language to a conversational competency within three months.

At the age of 21 Benny Lewis could only speak one language; English. Since then he has become fluent in seven languages and can have conversations in four others.

He believes that the best way to do this is to start speaking from day one and gives you tips and tricks on how to do this in his book. The best thing about Benny’s book is that he addresses the number one issue that most people have when learning a foreign language: fear.

He speaks openly about the fear of speaking and how important it is to jump in at the deep end and start speaking as soon as possible rather than that fear dictating your language experience.

For anyone joining the language learning community and wanting to know where to begin we couldn’t recommend Benny’s books more!

Benny used this method himself!
He gives step by step tips
There is different advice depending on the language you’re learning
Check out Benny’s own website here and learn all about his journey.

Fluent Forever – Gabriel Wyner

Average price: $13.09

best language learning books

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What’s it about?

Gabriel uses humour and a chatty writing style to convey his ideas on language learning to the reader.

Fluent forever not only shows you how to learn foreign languages but also how to stop yourself from forgetting them.

Wyner starts by deconstructing the language learning process and helping you build methods from the ground up. So instead of having the over whelming experience of having lots of words to memorise you can learn steadily in a systematic way.

One of the first things Wyner looks at is pronunciation. If you can get pronunciation down relatively quickly when you’re learning a foreign language then you’re going to have a lot less problems going forward. He does this before moving onto words, memorisation techniques, spelling, grammar and more.

Fluent Forever is one of the most popular language learning books available. Most people who have read a book about language learning will have read this one.

Speaks six languages himself
Puts importance on not forgetting the languages as well

How To Speak Any Language Fluently – Alex Rawlings

Average Price: $15.03

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What’s it about?

Alex boasts that it doesn’t matter if you are just starting out and this is the first language you are learning, or you’ve been learning languages for years and you want to add another to the collection.

Regardless of where you’re at in your language learning journey, he believes that with his tips and advice, you can improve your language learning skills and discover how to speak any language fluently.

The book teaches you how to speak with greater confidence and accuracy, how to learn words and grammar and even how to pass language exams among more.

Also gives you tips on how to pass language exams
Shows you how to use real life media to improve your language skills

Special Mentions

Although these books aren’t specifically about language learning, they are different language books that deserve a mention.

They may not help you to learn a language but they do give you a good

The Language Instinct – Steven Pinker

Average Price: $15.84

language book

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What’s is about?

In the language instinct Steven Pinker dives into the world of linguistics and takes you along for the ride.

He outlines linguistic theories and demonstrates how languages are constructed.

Although the book has a more linguistic theme than a foreign language learning one, the Language Instinct is one of the most eye opening books every written on languages.

If languages are interesting to you, regardless if the information is telling you how to learn more languages or not then we would thoroughly recommend the Language Instinct.

Similarly if you are considering any degree or profession within linguistics then the language instinct is a must read.

Outlines key linguistic theories
Explain language terminologies
Gives a basic understanding of language and linguistics

The Art Of Language Invention – David J. Peterson

Average Price: $13.71

best books on language learning

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Again this book may not be the most useful book if you’re only looking to learn a foreign language.

But if you have an interest in languages in general and want to learn more about how they’re constructed, or even how to construct your own then you should read ‘The Art Of Language Construction.’

David J. Peterson is the creator of Dothraki and has made a career on constructing fully formed languages with realistic phonemes and grammar structures.

In this masterpiece he breaks down how to choose the right phonemes for your language so you don’t end up with a mash of sounds that don’t go together. He shows you how to build grammar structures for your language and he even illustrates how to develop an advanced writing system that not only communicates your language but also fits in with the time that your language is supposed to have come from.

Reading the Art Of Language Invention will also help you to be able to break down and understand existing languages better, and it might even convince you that language constructing is something you want to start doing.

Shows the breakdown of constructing a language
Gives you a sneak peek into Dothraki and other famous conlangs

The Year Without English

Another fantastic project that we want to mention is The Year Without English.

In 2013 Scott Young and Vat decided to partake in a full year of learning foreign languages where they committed to speaking no English in order to learn Mandarin, Korean, Spanish and Portuguese.

They recorded their full experience and released it to youtube.

Watching the videos is a really eye opening experience which teaches you the importance of speaking your target language if you want to progress in it and how useful it can be for you to ditch English even if that idea is a little scary to you.

If you’re looking to learn a foreign language, then as well as reading books on language learning, you need to watch The Year Without English.

We really couldn’t recommend it more.

Good Luck And Start Learning

We hope you’ve found our recommendations of best language books useful.

No matter what stage you are in learning a foreign language, it’s never too late to start reading language books. Even if you’ve already learnt one, it can still help tremendously.

There’s always someone who has some tip or trick that you may not have thought of. And engaging in the language learning community can be fulfilling because you know you’re part of a community that loves what they do and love it when new members start engaging with languages.

You never know, one minute you might be reading Fluent In 3 Months and the next you might be meeting Benny Lewis at a language learning convention.

The best way to start is to pick a book and begin reading.

And if you want to start getting a bit more specific, then why not try out our selection of Spanish graded readers to get you started with learning Spanish

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