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best ESL books

Looking for the best ESL books to get you kick started on your way to ESL success? Then you’ve come to the right place.

We have recommendations of the best ESL books for children, and teens and adults. We’ve also selected books that we think might help you better with teaching vocab, grammar structures or something else.

Whether you’re just getting into teaching ESL or you’re a seasoned pro, we have like we have some great recommendations for you.

Even if you’ve been teaching for a while, you can still find new activities to excite and engage your students.

So let’s a look at the best ESL books currently available.

Best ESL Books For Activities

We’ve searched the market and have come across the following books that we believe to be the best ESL books currently available.

ESL Games For The Classroom – Michael DiGiacomo

101 Interactive Activities To Engage With Your Students With Minimal Prep

Average Price: $13.27

best ESL games book

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What’s it about?

The ESL Games For The Classrooms offers 1010 fantastic games that involve little to no prep and will ensure that you always have something to do with your students.

ESL teachers know that if they have a lot of classes then prep work can be a nightmare. But with these games you can skip a lot of that and get down to having fun while you teach.

There is also flexibility in the activity types allowing you to adapt them for small groups to big groups and even for private lessons.

ESL Worksheets & Lesson Plans 2 – Paul J. Hamel

Supplementary Lessons

Average price: $39.95

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What’s it about?

The ESL Worksheets & Lessons Plans book takes it one step further. Not only does it provide you with games and activities but it also gives you worksheets and lesson plans!

One of the most time consuming part of teaching can be planning lessons and creating materials, especially if you’re a new teacher.

If you’re just starting out then it can take you hours to create worksheets or to plan the perfect lesson. As you get more experience this comes quicker to you. But to get you started you might want to consider investing in the ESL Worksheet and Lesson Plan book. That way you don’t need to spend so much time planning while still delivering high quality lessons to your students.

The Ultimate ESL Teaching Manual – Andromeda Jones

Average Price: $17.99

best ESL book for activities

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What’s it about?

The Ultimate ESL Teaching Manual puts a focus on teaching students through controlled speaking activities rather than relying on textbooks.

Learning a foreign language can be scary, especially for a child. So we want to make learning fun. And this is exactly what this book sets out to do.

The most important feature of this book is that it includes a step-by-step guide on how to teach every grammar point in the English language! Which is definitely something that could come in useful.

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THE ESL/ELL Teacher’s Survival Guide – Larry Ferlazzo & KAtie Hull Sypnieski

Average Price: $20.75

ESL teacher's handbook

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What’s is about?

Everyone needs a survival guide when they’re starting a career and being an ESL teacher is no different.

This survival guide offers hands on practical advice to get you setting up a student friendly classroom perfect for an ESL setting. It looks at core research and how you implement this in the classroom, in addition to looking at how technology can help to facilitate learning.

If you want to survive teaching ESL either in your own country or abroad then this survival guide could be just the thing for you.

ESL Classroom Activities For Teens And Adults

Average Price: $18.02

ESL activity book for teens and adults

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What’s it about?

Our final recommendation in our list of best ESL books is this one.

The best thing about ESL Classroom Activities For Teens And Adults is in the title; it’s for teens and adults!

Lots of the books available are suitable for children and younger learners but here is a book that has games and activities perfect for older learners.

Not only that but there are 175 ideas in the book for you to choose from depending on your teaching needs.

Use these games, quizzes and activities to motivate your older learners regardless of their level.

ESL classroom

Handy Tips When Using These Best ESL Books

We hope you found our recommendations of best ESL books useful. If you’ve chosen the book you want and are ready to get started then make sure you take a minute to read our tips for the ESL classroom.

There’s a lot to learn in an ESL classroom and you’re often expected to do it quickly.

Here are some useful tips if you’re new to the ESL classroom

Plan, plan and plan again

A well planned lesson will go much more smoothly than a lesson you cobble together as you’re going into the classroom.

There is definitely some truth in fail to prepare, prepare to fail. If you go into a classroom where you haven’t prepared it will show and you will be worse off for it.

Where as if you make the effort to plan and prep, then if anything surprises come up you will be better equipped to handle them.

Settlers, warmers, stirrers or coolers?

Think about what stage of the lesson you’re at when you’re planning your activities.

An activity that you choose to increase energy in the room will be completely different from an activity that you choose to calm your students down.

Make sure you think about what stage of the lesson you’re at and what kind of activity you need for that stage.

Presentation, practise, production

It’s important that you clearly demonstrate to your students what they need to learn. Then you give them ample time to practise before moving onto the production part where they can show you they have learnt the new thing.

Watch out for culture shock

When you’re becoming an ESL teacher, you’ll spend so much time preparing for the teaching part that you might forget you’ve moved to a foreign country.

It’s very common (especially if it’s your first time) to experience culture shock when you move abroad. The differences are much greater than you expect them to be and many people struggle with strong pangs of homesickness.

If this happens to you, it’s important to remember that it’s incredibly common and happens to nearly everybody.

Some great ways to combat this can be to maintain contact with your friends and family and to establish a routine quickly. And remember you can always talk to other expats about these feelings. Chances are other people have been experiencing it as well.

Where to find an ESL job

There are lots of places you can find work as an English teacher abroad. Here are some suggestions:

Dave’s ESL cafe

TEFL Job Board

If you’re looking specifically for a job in China then echinacities is a great resource.

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