Meet The Team

Here at Lingo Press Books, we have an amazing team dedicated to writing and editing useful content for our language learners. Each person at Lingo Press Books uses their skills and passion for language to create language tools to help you improve and develop as a learner.

Ana Martín


Ana is the founder and face behind Lingo Press Books.

Originally from the UK but with Spanish routes, she moved to Spain and has never looked back. Ana spent four years travelling, learning languages and teaching. And it was doing these things that she realised her greatest passions were stories and languages learning.

She decided to start writing Spanish graded readers to help people learn Spanish in a fun and enjoyable way. With a surprisingly positive reaction to her stories, Ana decided to expand the concept and created Lingo Press Books.

Starting Lingo Press Books is the best thing Ana has ever done and she’s never looked back. Now she wants to dedicate her time to learning languages and creating stories to help other people.

Charlotte Hatton

charlotte hatton

Charlotte was the second person to join the Lingo Press Team. With similar beginnings to Ana, Charlotte taught English as a second language for six years and loved every minute of it. She was lucky enough to teach at a high quality school where the parents couldn’t find enough resources to expose their children to.

It was from that that she decided to start writing graded English stories to help them learn English through stories. When she was met with a positive reaction from the parents and students she decided to start writing English learning books full time.

Not only does Charlotte write English books but she also contributes greatly to the writing and editing of the website.

Luca Fadda

Luca Fadda

Luca is the newest member of our team and we are excited to have him. Not only is he a great worker but he’s also the first Italian speaker to join our team which is very exciting for the future of Lingo Press Books.

With no intention to write Italian graded readers just yet, Luca has joined us to help create and edit content for the website and also to take control of advertisement in our growing Italian market. With five years marketing experience, Luca is ready and raring to go on a project he feels passionate about.


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